Exchange trip between the “Jashyl-Oroon” CBC and “Shumkar-Tor” CBC .

Exchange trip between the “Jashyl-Oroon” CBC and “Shumkar-Tor” CBC .

This trip is a collaborative effort organized by the PF “Ilbirs Foundation” and supported by the #VanishingTreasures Program. This seminar aims to enhance the capacity of rangers to effectively carry out conservation activities. Here’s a glimpse of the highlights:The exchange trip brought together the “Jashyl-Oroon” and “Shumkar-Tor” CBCs, allowing them to share valuable insights about their territories and the incredible work they do in conservation.
During a participatory session, facilitated by the PF “Ilbirs Foundation,” the CBCs discussed the threats their territories face, the challenges encountered, and the solutions they have found. Their dedication and problem-solving skills were inspiring.
🌱🌱🌱Engaging in open dialogues, the CBCs explored strategies to generate community support and actively engage with their local communities. It was a fruitful exchange of ideas, aimed at strengthening relationships for effective conservation efforts.
🐝🐝🐝A beekeeping masterclass was conducted by the “Shumkar-Tor”CBC, showcasing their expertise and experiences in sustainable beekeeping. Participants learned about the importance of bees in environmental conservation and the challenges faced in beekeeping.
The beekeeper Talasbek Kasymbekov from the “Jashyl-Oroon” CBC made a presentation covering topics such as honey production, hive management, and the role of bees in maintaining a healthy ecosystem.
The exchange trip, made possible through the collaboration between the PF “Ilbirs Foundation,” the #VanishingTreasures Program, and the efforts of “Jashyl-Oroon” CBC and “Shumkar-Tor”CBC , has been an incredible opportunity to foster knowledge sharing, strengthen conservation efforts, and build lasting connections.

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