Honey Extract – 2023!

Honey Extract – 2023!

From 18 to 19 July 2023, the second honey extract event took place, organized by nine beekeepers from Bel-Aldy village district, who had received 50 bee boxes last year as part of UNEP’s Vanishing Treasures Programme. The first honey extract was conducted in 2022.

🐝The event was attended by members of the Environmental Commission, including Kenzhe Sultanbaeva from the PF “Ilbirs Foundation”, as well as Sardar Momunaliev and Satymkulov Erkinbek from the “Zhashyl-Oroon” CBC. The purpose of their presence was to monitor and evaluate the process of honey extraction, as well as to ensure the transparency of its implementation and the quality of products 🍯.

✅It should be noted that the beekeeping season is shortened every year due to the hot summer and the scorching sun that burns the leaves of the plants. But despite the short season this year, the harvest has turned out to be quite good, although less than last year.

✅This project plays an important role in trying to make the world a better place by conserving natural resources, protecting nature and supporting our invaluable helpers – bees, as well as involving the local community and beekeepers in this initiative.

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