Ecotours are one way to directly support communities working to conserve natural territories and counter poaching. Ilbirs partners with community members who are experts on the territory to organize homestays and tours of the surrounding mountain areas.

Ecotours are available to anyone, whether beginner hiker or expert horseback rider. In fact, the most interesting and beautiful places in Kyrgyzstan are sometimes even accessible through routes for beginners. Expeditions for more experienced hikers or riders are also available. The best times for tours are in late spring, summer, and early fall, when hiking through blossoming meadows, woodlands, and breathtaking river valleys in the cool air promotes physical health and peace of mind. These relaxed tours on foot or on horseback are an ideal way to get acquainted with the beauty of nature. 

Tour lengths range from: 1 – 10 days

Tour prices range from: $150 – $1,250 per person per tour

Tour lengths and prices are negotiable by group or individual preferences. If interested in environmental conservation tours (beekeeping, bird watching,  farming homestay, setting up camera traps or wildlife observation), contact us directly here.

To explore more information about the tours, see the links below: 

You can also contact us through Facebook or WhatsApp (details on our contact page).

Kara Talaa
Kara Kuzhur
Chon Kemin - Kok Archa Guesthouse
Chon Kemin - Boo Jetpes Guesthouse
Alaï Valley - Chak Village