Chon Kemin – Boo Jetpes Guesthouse



The Chon Kemin national park is the biggest natural reserve of Kyrgyzstan, it is therefore worth a visit. The national park is very appreciated both by Kyrgyz and tourists for its rich ecosystem. Indeed, you will find various landscapes such as mountains, green hills and steppes, home to a huge variety of wild animals. 


The Boo-Jetpes guesthouse is meant for those who are looking for calm and nature. It is located at the top of a hill and isolated from everything, which makes it an ideal location. It is surrounded by an impressive green environment and wild forests.




This guesthouse is a well developed establishment for travelers visiting the region. Here you will find a number of rooms of all sizes, a big dining area, as well as several ideal spots to relax with a view on the river which runs next to it. The guesthouse is equipped with an internet connection. 


All meals will be prepared by your hosts, which will give you a nice opportunity to taste typical Kyrgyz meals.




It would be hard to stay in this guesthouse without exploring the amazing nature which surrounds it. 


Although you could go for short walks on all sides, a nice option would be to go on a more challenging hike. Starting directly from the guesthouse, you will find a 15 kilometer loop, which runs past numerous impressive viewpoints. Beware however, this hike is far from being flat and easy, with its elevation of around 1000 meters. It should take around 3 hours and a half on foot, without counting the breaks. Your journey will begin along the Boozhetpes river, which runs through a valley. You will then enter a more forested area, right before the peak. From the top, you will enjoy an open view on Chon Kemin’s plateau, which is home to several villages, as well as on the high mounts which surround it. You will feel the height at which you are by the cool breeze which will blow on your face. Give your legs a nice rest before heading back down and make sure to enjoy the absolute calm of the area. On your way down, just before arriving back to the guest house, look ahead of you. You will spot an octopus shaped mount, with its 8 tentacles. 


A possible alternative to the hike is a horse riding tour, which can be organized directly with the guest house.




As Chon Kemin is located 150 kilometers east from Bishkek, it is a perfect stop on your way to Issyk Kul or Karakol. From Bishkek, grab Mashrutka #309 from the Western Bus Station, which will drop you off directly in the National Park. The price should be of around 180 soms.


If you bought a local sim card, do note that the Beeline network is not available from the guest house area, however O! and MegaCom work fine.