Report on the seminar held on March 5-6, 2024

Report on the seminar held on March 5-6, 2024

The Ilbirs Foundation brought together rangers from the Bayboosun micro-sanctuary, the Jargylchak zoological reserve, as well as the public associations Kara-Kujur and Kol-Ukok Ak Ilbirs to discuss important issues related to wildlife conservation and interaction with wild animals in Kyrgyzstan.

Our discussions covered the goals and implementation of the “CORES CORRIDORS AND CATS ACROSS CENTRAL ASIA” project, global experiences in conflict prevention with predators, and the SMART program for efficient territory patrolling.

Each seminar became a source of new ideas and approaches, and the evening tea gatherings strengthened the bonds between participants, fostering further collaboration in the protection and study of our nature.

We thank the National Geographic Society and the SEGRE foundation for supporting this important event! 🙏🌱 #NatureConservation #Education #Collaboration @segrefoundation @conservationxlabs @baiboosun.naturereserve @karakujur_eco @alatoobugu

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