Monitoring Sea Buckthorn in Chon-Kemin Post-Winter 🌊🔍

On April 20th, the Ilbirs Foundation, alongside forestry experts and the head of the Forestry Laboratory of the National Academy of Sciences of the Kyrgyz Republic, embarked on a journey to Tar-Suu village in the Chon-Kemin district for the spring assessment of our beloved sea buckthorn 🌿🕵️. This monitoring endeavor was enriched by the active participation of female farmers from the Chon-Kemin community.

Throughout the monitoring process, experts provided a thorough evaluation of the sea buckthorn’s condition. However, in order to identify the primary cause of concern, a special study was conducted at the laboratory, analyzing samples from areas where sea buckthorn seedlings had suffered damage and mortality, including a particular focus on soil quality and plant health.

Furthermore, local farmers were equipped with essential knowledge on the proper techniques for pruning sea buckthorn and were given the opportunity to address their queries regarding successful cultivation 👩🏻‍🌾.

With high hopes for a bountiful harvest this year, we remain committed to the preservation and prosperity of our natural treasures 🌟🤗

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