Beekeeping as an alternative income project

We do believe – that you reap, what you saw!

within the framework of Beekeeping As An Alternative Income Project financed by Panthera, an international environmental organization and it was implemented by Ilbirs Foundation Public Fund, Shumkar Tor CBC, and in partnership with Beekeepers’ Association of the Kyrgyz Republic, an association of legal entities 50 bee boxes were purchased. After successful completion 5 of five theoretical lessons on beekeeping, members of Shumkar Tor CBC were able to apply the acquired knowledge in practice on apiary installation. Despite the hot weather, members of Shumkar Tor CBC did a great job on installation and adjustment of boxes in special clothes.

We would like to remind, that in January of this year, a number of theoretical lessons were held, where members of Shumkar Tor CBC; learned exclusive methods of bee caring and arranging apiaries, etc.

We would like to express our deepest gratitude to all partners, the participants and those, who provided all possible assistance with transportation and installation of these wonderful boxes. Wait for the harvest in Autumn😁

It is just the beginning of the work! There's a long way and a tedious work ahead!


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