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Chaar Archa Enviromental Check Post

Since August 2019 Ilbirs Foundation has been providing various types of support to Chaar Archa Environmental Check Post, where State Agency for Environment Protection and Forestry’s (SAEPF) employees patrol permanently. During this period, joint efforts, of the project to combat illegal trafficking in wildlife, Kumtor Corporation and other partners have led to significant results in strengthening the check post. The eco check post, located in,Read more……

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Beekeeping as an alternative income project

We do believe – that you reap, what you saw! within the framework of Beekeeping As An Alternative Income Project financed by Panthera, an international environmental organization and it was implemented by Ilbirs Foundation Public Fund, Shumkar Tor CBC, and in partnership with Beekeepers’ Association of the Kyrgyz Republic, an association of legal entities 50 bee boxes were purchased. After successful completion 5 of five theoretical lessons on beekeeping, члены Общественного объединения Шумкар Тор смоглиRead more……

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“The Future We Want | Choosing Ecotourism”

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A shepherd dog Chile

Овчарку Чили передали Госагентству охраны окружающей среды и лесного хозяйства Это первая служебная собака, которая будет использоваться ведомством в антибраконьерской деятельности Общественный фонд «Илбирс» передал Государственному агентству охраны окружающей среды и лесного хозяйства при Правительстве КР ((SAEPF)) a trained and service providing German shepherd named Chile. The dog was given to strengthen Chaar Archa ecological check post. Глава ГАООСиЛХ Мирслав АманкуловRead more……

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A meeting at SAEPF

A meeting was held at SAEPF under the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic to identify shortcomings and exchange information on accomplished works in the framework of INL project to combat trafficking anti-wildlife derivatives, which was implemented by “Ilbirs Foundation”. An employee of “Ilbirs Foundation” with employees of the State Agency for Environmental Protection and Forestry under the Kyrgyz Republic have been working at an environmental check post since last August to identify potential poachers.Read more……

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The election of a new Chairman of OO”Chunkur Tor”

18 March 18 there was a meeting on, discussion of plans of joint activity for 2018 2018 with huntsmen of the Public Association "Chunkur — Tor" in Bozuchuk village of Issykul region. Also at the meeting Mukash uulu Maksat was elected by unanimous decision as the new chairman of the public association "Chunkur — Tor". We hope for long and effective cooperation in the sphere of environmental protection. (ОсновнойRead more……

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Exhibition in Berlin

Public organizations of Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan make a huge work for protection of the wild nature in the territories belonging to them – patrol and catch poachers, establish photo traps together with us, , every year carry out accounting of animals, exchange experience. Insanely beautiful nature, wild animals do these territories very attractive for tourism. Thanks to support of @Panthera and @H&&CAT, мы представляем интересы наших местныхRead more……

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The report on work carried out by “ Ilbirs Foundation” in the Sarychat-Eertash reserve with participation of E. Sheripov-, the deputy director of the State Agency for Environmental Protection and Forestry, heads and representatives of mentioned agency.

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Article in National Geographic about hunting for Marco Polo's ram in Kyrgyzstan.

National Geographic on April 19 pubilshed Julia Pein's article about hunting for Marco Polo's ram in Kyrgyzstan “Hunting for Sheep Trophies” (Hunting for Sheep Trophies – and Lost luggage – in Kyrgyzstan). Фотография Beth Wald/National Geographic Creative Эта статья является частью повествования журналиста Пола Салопека о многолетнем путешествии (проектRead more……

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First photo of the snow leopard in the territory “Ala-Archa Park”

The fog was incredibly thick in Bishkek when we were going, to go to the Kyrgyz State natural Ala-Archa park. But it was not a bad weather that disturbed us but, results of our work. Each member of our team was thinking, what results of our work will be. Данная поездка была в рамках Соглашения о сотрудничестве между Кыргызским государственным природным парком «Ала – Арча» приRead more……

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Who is caught in photo traps in Kyrgyzstan?(Christina Akhrameeva, © News-Asia)

It’s challenging but necessary to capture a wild animal , in its habitat. Not for the beautiful shot , but to define , existence and number of population in a certain territory , and also to observe rare animals. In that regard people obsess necessary equipment – photo traps. These are the special cameras , supplied with sensors on the movement and heat ,Read more……

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Мектеп окуучуларына жаратылыш коргоо сабактары

Коомду озгортуу учун осуп келе жаткан жаштардан башташыбыз жана аларга туура маалымат беруубуз керек. Ак Суу районундагы 2 орто мектептеринде жаратылышты коргоо Департаментинин Ыссык – Кол окулчулугунун адистери жана Чункур – Тор коомдук бирикмесинин окулдору менен биргеликте, Кыргызстандагы Пантера Коомдук Фонду окуучулар учун жаратылышты коргоо тууралуу сабактарды отуп келишти. Мындай сабактар окуучулар учун Кыргызстандын даRead more……

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Toledo Zoo vet helps with snow leopard conservation project

For the second year in a row, a Toledo Zoo veterinarian has participated in landmark field research abroad with wild snow leopards. Read more

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Для наблюдения за животными в природном парке “Ala-Archa Park” установлены фотоловушки

14 января 2017 года в Государственном природном парке “Ala-Archa Park”, совместно со специалистами КГПП Ала-Арча, BSI NAoS, ГАООСиЛХ и БГУ установили фотоловушки.

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CBC “Shumkar-Tor”: Results of 3 years of work.

С момента создания Обществ. объединения “Shumkar-Tor”, the quantity of , возросло количество диких животных.

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Protect the Snow Leopard

Hunters Become Conservationists in the Fight to Protect the Snow Leopard A pioneering program recruits locals as rangers in the mountains of Kyrgyzstan.

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