About Ilbirs Foundation

Ilbirs Foundation Public Found (further referred to as Ilbirs Foundation) is a nonprofit environmental organization, aimed at preserving natural heritage of Kyrgyzstan, it carries out educational, charitable, cultural, information, research and other socially useful activities in the field of improving natural environment and conservation of rare and endangered species of animals and plants in Kyrgyzstan. Ilbirs Foundation was founded in 2016 year.

  • Ilbirs Foundation aims to contribute to:
    • conservation of viable populations of snow leopards, other predators and other wildlife species as an integral part of Kyrgyzstan's nature by promoting and encouraging local communities, which live in high mountainous regions of the country, to preserve their natural wealth and provide sustainable livelihoods;
    • conservation of the environment through implementation of global and national decisions on biodiversity conservation at the local level to benefit the whole society;
    • development of scientific programs and conducting scientific research on snow leopards, their food types, habitat and other wildlife species in Kyrgyzstan;
    • capacity development, enhancing awareness and education of various sectors of society in the field of biodiversity conservation, and understanding of ecology of valuable species of fauna;
    • sustainable use of natural resources, sustainable methods of conservation and management of wild animal populations, development of environmentally friendly types of production;
    • assistance to state authorities of the Kyrgyz Republic in improving management of protected natural areas and decision making in the policy of nature protection;
    • improvement of methodological and practical bases for environmental protection, including preparation of recommendations to improve a legislative nature protection framework;
    • communities , which carry out activities, addressed to improving conditions of natural environment of the Kyrgyz Republic;
    • reinforcement of international ties in research, information and practical activities in the field of nature protection;
    • environmental education and awareness-raising works with the young generation to form an environmental culture and consciousness.
Ilbirs Foundation carries out the following activities:
  • initiates discussion of topical environmental issues, by organizing meetings to present reports, reviews, lectures and other events, related to the objectives of the Foundation;
  • cooperates with state authorities to improve legislation and other regulatory documents of the Kyrgyz Republic in the field of nature protection;
  • assists in conducting research, information, and implementation work in the field of ecology;
  • expands partner networking and supports joint activities on environmental problems with individuals, organizations within the Kyrgyz Republic and abroad;
  • participates directly in an international environmental movement, arranges exchange visits, and moreover, supports exchange of experience, information, etc.;
  • provides expert, analytical, information, consulting , and other services, related to the objectives of the Fundation;
  • organises educational events for mass media and carries out publishing and advertising activities, related to the objectives of the Fundation;
  • assists in organization and operation of reserves, nurseries, wildlife sanctuaries and other forms of protection and restoration of natural objects;
  • organizes ecological forms of recreation, including ecological tourism, ecological villages, etc.;
  • establishes and maintains international relations and direct contacts with similar foundations of other countries, and participates in conferences, meetings, symposia and other events, on issues related to the Fund's activities through its representatives;
  • raises voluntary contributions and donations in cash, securities and other assets to support the Foundations statutory activities, etc..
Our partners

Ilbirs Foundation’s partners are state organizations, specially protected natural areas, national parks, leading international conservation companies, educational institutions, national and international experts in the field of environmental protection, local public organizations, which aim at preserving wildlife at the regions:

  • ♥ Государственное агентство охраны окружающей среды и лесного хозяйства при Правительстве Кыргызской Республики
    • – Department of Biodiversity Conservation and specially protected natural areas,
    • – Forest Ecosystem Development Department,
    • – Government agency “Kyrgyz Forestry Management State Agency”,
    • – Sarychat-Ertash State Natural Reserve
  • ♥ Институт биологии НАН Кыргызской Республики;
  • ♥ Государственная Таможенная Служба при Правительстве КР
    • – Professional and Dog Training Centre;
  • ♥ Global Snow Leopard & Ecosystem Protection Program (GSLEP)
  • ♥ Snow Leopard Trust;
  • ♥ Snow Leopard Foundation;
  • ♥ Филиал Общественного Объединения “Союз Охраны Природы Германии (NABU) in the Kyrgyz Republic
  • ♥ Kyrgyz Scientific Research Institute of veterinary named after A. Duysheev (KSRIV);
  • ♥ Кыргызский государственный природный парк «Ала-Арча»;
  • ♥ Bishkek Humanities University named after K. Karasaev
    • – Department of Ecology and Management;
  • ♥ Community-based conservancy "Shumkar-Tor"
  • ♥ Community-based conservancy "Chunkur-Tor"
  • ♥ Community-based conservancy "Jamaat Janaydar"
  • ♥ Community-based conservancy "Jamaat Min Teke"
  • ♥ Community-based conservancy "Jamaat Bek Tosot"
  • ♥ Chegetey-Too Community-based conservation
  • ♥ Bashat Community-based conservation


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