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The snow leopard is included in the list of animals, under the protection of WSPA (The World Society for the Protection of Animals)..

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The public fund "Ilbirs Foundation" (further Ilbirs Foundation) – is the non-profit nature protection organization,that aims to preserve natural heritage of Kyrgyzstan, and carries out educational, charitable, cultural, informational, research and other socially useful activity in the sphere of improvement of environment condition and preservation of rare and endangered species of animals and plants in Kyrgyzstan. Ilbirs Foundation was registered in the Ministry of Justice of the Kyrgyz Republic (Certificate of registration No. 159366-3300-OF from 10 June 2016 year).

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Pedestrian tours are an ideal way to get acquainted slowly with the picturesque nature of Kyrgyzstan..

It is not necessary to have special physical training , to go to a pedestrian tour across the most interesting and beautiful places of Kyrgyzstan. . There are routes for beginners , and category campaigns. . Besides good physical shape,, you will gain peace of mind, and also will empty your mind of negative thoughts.. It is better to go to hikes late spring,, , in the summer and in the early fall, when landscapes of the blossoming meadows, , the woods and river valleys especially take the breath away..

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Poaching, illegal hunting and unsustainable use of flora and fauna resources have led to the extinction of many animal species in Kyrgyzstan. Actions, made by national and international (environmental organizations) for the protection of rare and endangered species of animals can have a real result in long-term only by the active involvement of the local communities.

Dog’s project

Almost half a year had passed since , the handlers and their dogs Venta, , Vesta, , Vickie and Orion from the Canine Training Center of the Kyrgyz Customs Service have been selected to protection of wild animals, and trained to recognition of snow leopard,, argali and ibex scents.. As planned over the summer a new kennel was built for the dogs on duty , and now , the conditions Read more……

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Community-based conservancy "Shumkar-Tor"

Community-based conservancy "Shumkar-Tor" was created in 2013 year local traditional hunters of several settlements of Kemin region.

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Public Fund "Ilbirs Foundation"

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